Our Beef is Grown Right Here at The Rock Ranch!

Grass-fed, Grain Finished – Taste The Difference

Grown right here in the fertile pastures of The Rock Ranch, our beef is grass-fed, grain-finished with no steroids or hormones.

The beef you purchase at The Rock Ranch comes from one steer; and we can track the care, health and diet from its beginning all the way to your grill at home.  Our careful process of breeding and grass feeding produces a pure savory flavor that is not found in your supermarkets meat selection.

We will package for you individual cuts, quarter, half and even a whole beef.  We offer an assortment of delicious cuts including fresh Ribeyes, Porterhouse, T-Bones, Filets, Flat Iron steak, Sirloin, Cube steak, Chuck Roast, Shoulder Roast, New York Strip and Ground Beef.

Our home-grown beef is also sold in the country store! Stop by and take some home! *Don’t forget your cooler or buy a cooler bag in the store to transport your home-grown beef!*

Truett Cathy

Black Angus Cattle at The Rock Ranch

Truett Cathy

T-bone steaks, beef roasts, hamburger patties and more!

Farm To Fork Meals

Farm to Fork is an offering available for purchase inside The Country Store or pre-order online and pick-up at the ranch. Farm to Fork dishes are delicious home-made entrees, soups, sides, desserts, and dips that are great for families on the go. Simply thaw your item, heat it up, and enjoy!

Containers are microwave and oven safe, and dishes are free from added preservatives or additives. Fan favorites include the Country Chicken Casserole, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Strawberry Banana Bread, and The Rock Ranch Beef Lasagna!

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Truett Cathy