Our Beef is Grown Right Here at The Rock Ranch!

Grass-fed, Grain Finished – Taste The Difference

Grown right here in the fertile pastures of The Rock Ranch, our beef is grass-fed, grain-finished with no steroids or hormones.

The beef you purchase at The Rock Ranch comes from one steer; and we can track the care, health and diet from its beginning all the way to your grill at home.  Our careful process of breeding and grass feeding produces a pure savory flavor that is not found in your supermarkets meat selection.

We will package for you individual cuts, quarter, half and even a whole beef.  We offer an assortment of delicious cuts including fresh Ribeyes, Porterhouse, T-Bones, Filets, Flat Iron steak, Sirloin, Cube steak, Chuck Roast, Shoulder Roast, New York Strip and Ground Beef.

Our home-grown beef is also sold in the country store! Stop by and take some home! *Don’t forget your cooler or buy a cooler bag in the store to transport your home-grown beef!*

Truett Cathy

Black Angus Cattle at The Rock Ranch

Truett Cathy

The Rock Ranch gets its pork from Tobesofkee Farm, just down the road from our farm.

The Rock Ranch Butcher Box Selections

Introducing a new way to enjoy our delicious beef and pork! The Rock Ranch Butcher Box Selections offer a sampling of our quality grass-fed, grain finished meats. Each box will vary with different cuts of beef and pork, but will also include recipe cards to help spark some creativity in the kitchen.

These are ideal for families and also make great gift ideas!

Get your’s today at therockranchmeat.com

Truett Cathy

Butcher Box – SMALL

8-10 lbs

Truett Cathy

Butcher Box – MEDIUM

12-15 lbs

Truett Cathy

Butcher Box – LARGE

18-20 lbs

About Tobesofkee Pork

The Rock Ranch gets its pork from Tobesofkee Farm, just down the road from our farm.

When Tobesofkee Farm started their farm they wanted to grow something specific to Georgia, so they landed on the Ossabaw Island Hog. These pigs are descendants from early Spanish pigs, which were dropped off on Ossabaw Island in the 1500’s by Spanish explorers as a way to stock pile food for further expeditions. The living conditions on this sea island weren’t ideal for raising huge lean meat pigs, so the Ossabaw adapted and became a much smaller, and more well marbled, version of it’s ancestors. These pigs have a darker, more marbled meat, with a fat that is more like olive oil than a conventionally raised pig, so the flavor is unlike anything you can find in grocery stores. Over time they’ve have added other heritage breeds to their farm, but the Ossabaw Island Hog is, and will remain, the headliner at Tobesofkee Farm.