Our Beef is Grown Right Here at The Rock Ranch!

Grass-fed, Grain Finished – Taste The Difference

Grown right here in the fertile pastures of The Rock Ranch, our beef is grass-fed, grain-finished with no steroids or hormones.

The beef you purchase at The Rock Ranch comes from one steer; and we can track the care, health and diet from its beginning all the way to your grill at home.  Our careful process of breeding and grass feeding produces a pure savory flavor that is not found in your supermarkets meat selection.

We will package for you individual cuts, quarter, half and even a whole beef.  We offer an assortment of delicious cuts including fresh Ribeyes, Porterhouse, T-Bones, Filets, Flat Iron steak, Sirloin, Cube steak, Chuck Roast, Shoulder Roast, New York Strip and Ground Beef.

Our home-grown beef is also sold in the country store! Stop by and take some home! *Don’t forget your cooler or buy a cooler bag in the store to transport your home-grown beef!*

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The Rock Ranch gets its pork from Tobesofkee Farm, just down the road from our farm.

Truett Cathy