The Rock Ranch Cattle

Our Cattle

In addition to agritourism, we raise the finest in Brangus and Brangus-crossed beef cattle.

The Rock Ranch cattle program has been producing top quality Brangus cattle since 1991. The ranch maintains 250 head of Brangus females that boast strong maternal traits and balanced EPD’s.

Over the years, we have used genetic selection to produce cattle that will perform not only for other purebred breeders, but also for the commercial cattlemen.

We use the genetics of Brangus bulls as well as A.I. sires to maintain our purebred herd.  In more recent years, we have also been dedicated to producing solid commercial cattle.  Though we still breed the top third of the herd to purebred Brangus sires, we are now using Polled Hereford bulls on the remainder of the herd to produce outstanding black baldies.  These cattle perform well for the commercial producer needing replacements and also perform well in the feed yard, on the rail, and at the grocery counter.

For Information on our cattle, please contact:
Eric Miller, Cattle Manager.
Phone: 706-647-6374