Limitation of Liability

By purchasing a ticket, entering The Rock Ranch (“TRR”), and/or in consideration of being allowed to participate in activities at TRR, you agree:
(1) to ASSUME ANY RISK OF INJURY that you might suffer while at TRR regardless of whether you are involved in any activity; and
(2) to forever WAIVE,RELEASE,DISCHARGE AND NOT TO SUE THE ROCK RANCH,LLC (the owner and/or operator of TRR), its agents, contractors, officers, directors, employees, managers, operators, lessors, sublessors and affiliated or associated parties and legal entities (the “Released Parties”) FROM LIABILITY for claims arising out of your entrance into or presence at TRR to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, except for any claims of gross negligence or willful misconduct against the Released Parties; and
(3) that you are responsible for paying any and all medical expenses for treatment of injuries which you might suffer or inflict upon others at TRR; and
(4) that TRR has the right and authority to ask and require you to leave TRR at any time, in which case you may be refunded the cost of your ticket in the sole discretion of TRR; and
(5) you represent, covenant and warrant to the Released Parties that (i) you are at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time you have purchased or received a ticket to TRR; (ii) if you are purchasing or receiving tickets on behalf of a group, you have provided a complete copy of this agreement with each individual in the group and that you have obtained each person’s consent to the terms of this agreement; (iii) if any member of the group is a minor under the age of eighteen (18), you have the proper legal authority to agree to the terms of this agreement on behalf of such minor(s); and (iv) if any member of the group is a minor, you agree to accept responsibility to supervise such minor(s) at all times while at TRR to ensure the safety of all such minor(s) while participating in activities and present at TRR; and
(6) that you have read this agreement in its entirety and understand that your presence at TRR presents recreational opportunities AS WELL AS DANGERS and further affirm that any questions regarding the opportunities and dangers have been answered to your complete satisfaction and that you can obtain further information from TRR’s website at: http://therockranch.com/LimitationofLiabilityAgreement, or identical materials available in hard copy at TRR administrative offices upon request.